Question: do you harm any animals if you study them?

  1. Hi boogey, that’s a great question and one lots of people are worried about! In my work, I dont do any studies that use animals, I pretty much just look at cells growing in a dish. But, sometimes people do need to use animals – to look at how their muscles work, how they digest food, how they develop etc to then work out why these things go wrong in people with that problem or disease. These things just can’t be studied with cells in a dish. These days there are very strict rules if you want to work with animals and big committees sit together to decide if it will be allowed or not. The very first rule when working with animals is to care for them, and their welfare.

    When working as a vet, my patients came in when they were sick, and its always great to be able to help them or make their pain go away. We can also learn a lot from these patients though, and by keeping records of what medicine works and how long it takes, we may find better ways to treat patients that get that problem in the future.