Question: What is the best discovery you've made?

  1. Thanks penny999 and jassimary18, a great question. 🙂

    My best discovery… ummm… probably when I discovered that a special protein I was working on influenced with another well known protein in the cell that helps repair DNA when it gets damaged. Sounds like a small discovery but I was trying to find out what this special protein did for about 2 years before I got that result – it was a very exciting time!

    Damaged DNA can cause cancer, so it was so cool to find a little piece of the puzzle that might help explain why cancer forms.


  2. Hi jassimary18 and penny999,

    The best “discovery” I made was only sort-of a science one: it wasn’t a new scientific fact so much as realising/discovering/telling other people that you could do useful research in my field (a specific area of astrophysics) using a normal laptop computer rather than a gigantic supercomputer.