Question: In tour opinion what would be the best thing for a teenager to do to reduce their carbon footprint?

  1. Hi cnixon,

    Great question, and one that applies not just to teenagers but all of us!

    Obvious things would be to turn out lights when you’re not using them and catch public transport or walk to school. Also, not drinking bottled water. Some might become vegetarian as well – to help decrease the methane waste from farm animals and increase the efficiency of food production.

    Then, you could also encourage all your school mates to try to reduce their carbon footprint too 🙂


  2. Another good one, cnixon!

    Kate is correct in her answer, and I’d stress recycling too. Reducing our energy use where it’s derived from fossil fuels (petrol or electricity are the big users) is the main thing that everybody can do.


  3. Hi cnixon,

    Since Kate and David have given the serious answers, I can give the tongue-in-cheek one:

    1. When you’re 18 — and still technically a teenager — vote for whichever politicians will lead (rather than follow) action to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint;
    2. Ask your parents if you can move to an Australian state that relies on cleaner electricity — or, better still, if you can move to Sweden or Denmark! ;-p



  1. I really do think we kids especially need to be careful with the things we do,
    a kool thing to do would be to get some sort of like presentation around to schools and for the schools to provide interesting and fun ways we could help :]


  2. all miths bro! its all part of global warming….