Question: Generally, members of a species have different DNA makeup from other species. However, as I understand it, chromosomal DNA is difficult, if not impossible, to get from ancient fossilized remains, so most paleontologists rely on structures to indicate whether speciation has occurred when such remains are analyzed. it is true?

  1. Hi awesomekid,

    You are right – those paleontologists are pretty amazing at piecing together the details about species that lived thousands of years ago! Over time DNA degrades and the whole fossilisation process would pretty much eliminate any chance of DNA surviving. But some tissues or remnants may be preserved by freezing or being trapped in amber for example so they might get clues that way.

    Scientists also look at things like footprints to work out the structures of ancient species and then compare these to the other species they know of. They can tell from the type of rock and location where they find the fossil when that species may have lived on the earth.




  1. ok thank you kate 🙂