Question: If past family members were obese will you inherit their genetics

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  1. Hi astre8,

    That’s a great question, but has a complicated answer… because the science is not clear.

    We know that the children of obese people are more likely to be overweight but we don’t know all the reasons for that. That’s because there are lots of causes for obesity:

    1. Genes. So this bit definitely plays a role, and there are lots of genes that have been linked to obesity.
    2. Environment. So it is also how the genes interact with the environment that sets how your metabolism works.
    3. There is also epigenetics! so the proteins and ‘marks’ that attach to, and around the DNA during a person’s lifetime can affect their weight… and this can also be passed on to the next generation.

    So basically, there is more chance that you will be overweight if your previous family members were but it is definitely NOT clear how and to what extent.



  1. I am more clear about i now but it’s stilll a bit confusing. But thanks anyway.