Question: If your aunty has multiple sclerosis and your mum what would be your chance of getting it?

  1. Hi keely1616,

    Your question is very close to my heart because my mum has multiple sclerosis. From my knowledge of the disease, nobody really knows for sure if it is hereditary. I don’t know of any research that proves that it is. BUT there have been research studies done with families of people where more than one person has the disease and it seems that you do have a slightly increased risk of developing it if you have a sister for example who has it.

    But, because it is such a rare disease, the risk is still very very low.



  1. oh sorry to hear that, my mum still isn’t diagnosed but it seems more and more like multiple sclerosis. Thanks a heap for that.


    • Thanks keely1616, mum was diagnosed about 15 years ago and is going really well actually. She’s pretty amazing. Best wishes for you and your mum. 🙂