Question: can you break a bone in the same spot more then twice without any long term issues?

  1. Hi karissakendall,

    The short answer is YES, because the human body is A-MAZING! It is so good at healing itself, BUT some things need to be in order, and well lined up for it to be ok.

    To explain this more I just need to say first that when a bone starts to heal, it makes a callous over the break – like a bridge of bone. Over time, this callous gets more and more like bone but it will always be like a scar.

    You can re-break this scar over and over again (if you were really unlucky) and assuming you are healthy, the bone should heal each time. BUT, if the bones don’t line up perfectly as they are healing then you might get some bulging or bending of the limb which might cause pain. Also, if you do damage to ligaments and tendons that are near the bone break then that can take a long time to heal and you might need to do lots of exercised to regain your strength.

    You would be very unlucky to break a bone more that twice in exactly the same location!

    nice profile pic by the way – very suited to your question 🙂