Question: How do rabbits have such good hearing?

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  1. Hi nickskii and findingnemo,

    Rabbits do have really good hearing – they have evolved that way as a way to survive in a dangerous environment where foxes hunt them for food. There are a few reasons why they are good at hearing:

    1. They have REALLY big ears – the bigger the ear the more sound waves that can be caught and channeled down into the ear.
    2. They have really good muscle control over their ears – so they can point the ear in any direction to see exactly where the noise is coming from
    3. The tiny hairs and bones of the inner ear are very well formed so any tiny sound gets quickly processed by the brain.


  2. Then either it’s a pity that rabbits have such good hearing or it’s a pity that foxes aren’t quieter.

    Not that rabbits aren’t cute — but when you’ve watched all the nice flowers in your garden disappear, and the grass die in patches as it is over-fertilised by rabbit poo…