Question: Is there a way to predict the likelihood of a person suffering from a genetic disease by analysing their DNA?

  1. Hey skyeamandablythe,

    Absolutely! well, at least for SOME genetic diseases. Some diseases have been pinned down to one or two genes, like huntington’s disease, hereditary breast cancer and downs syndrome for example.

    BUT there are MANY other diseases that seem to be genetic but have not yet had the exact gene identified. These diseases can not be tested for… yet.


  2. Hi skyemandablythe,

    The difficulty is that, even with diseases that do depend on genetics.
    1. The disease may be “caused” partly by genetics and partly by other things; and
    2. There may not BE an ‘exact gene’ to find: it seems that many diseases are “caused” by very complicated combinations of many genes. Biologists are increasingly using mathematics and computers to help them deal with this.



  1. Thank you for the information and reply, it has helped : )