Question: what makes people asthmatic?

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  1. Hi keely1616,

    Asthma is caused by a little bit of your genes and a little bit of your environment, and then how these two things interact. There have been a lot of studies into what causes asthma and scientists know that it is related to how the immune system reacts to the environment but also to allergies.

    Air pollution has been shown to trigger asthma in some children while there is also exercise induced asthma. I was always under he impression that part of this was caused by the temperature of the air. For example if you go outside and breathe heavily during a run on a cold morning, the air thet gets to your lungs has not been humidified by your nose and it it really cold. This can make your smooth muscle cells around your bronchi contract, so the airways narrow and it is difficult to breathe.

    There have been several genes identified to be involved in asthma but these are not the same for everyone and that is because asthma is such a varied thing – it is caused by so many different things in different people, and the symptoms and treatment responses are also very different for different people.