Question: Why do we get wrinkles when we get old? Is it because our body/bones shrink?

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  1. I think you get wrinkles long before you shrink, and even then I think old people only shrink a little bit and that isn’t the main cause of wrinkles.

    Wrinkles appear because the skin becomes less ‘stretchy’ as you get older. And the skin DOES need to stretch and shrink for there to be no wrinkles: think about the skin on your knuckles and what happens as you open and close a fist.


  2. Hi leelee1997

    We dont shrink THAT much, not enough to explain all the wrinkles that people get anyway. Wrinkles are partly because of the collagen within the skin that gets old. The skin is really elastic – think of a pregnant belly that returns to (almost) the size it was before the baby – pretty elastic.

    But… as we age, and the more and more we use muscles like in the forehead, the collagen and elastin wears out in a way. Then the skin that overlies gets permanent marks and dents that look like wrinkles. That’s one of the reasons people use botox – they think it will stop the skin from getting these permanent marks. But… botox is actually the botulism toxin! scary to inject into your body in my opinion.