Question: Why don't humanbeings have sharp teeth?

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  1. Hi leelee1997

    Thats an interesting question! A species teeth give clues about their diet and how they evolved. Its one of the things paleontologists use to work out how species evolved when looking at fossils.

    The animals with the sharpest teeth are meat eaters. They need the sharp canine teeth to tear the meat off the bones of their prey. Animals that eat plants and vegetables (herbivores) have big, flat teeth to grind up the woody plant material.

    We (well… most people) are omnivores which means we eat both plants and meat. So, while we dont hunt and kill our meat with our bare hands, (unless you’re Bear Grills) and we have knives and forks to cut our meat off the bone, the remnants of history and evolution remains, and that’s why we have canine teeth that are quite sharp AS WELL as molars – that are ideal to grind up salad and lettuce etc.