Question: Do you work alone or as a part of a team?

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  1. Hi keely1616

    Sometimes I work alone, if I am analysing data or making images to go with a science story. But before this happens, we all sit together and talk about what experiments should be done and how they should be done. There are 17 people in my laboratory and we talk to eachother quite a lot! But, there are times when 100% concentration has to be given to an experiment or you make a mistake. During this time its best to work alone, so you dont have any distractions. 🙂


  2. Hi keely1616,

    A bit of both, both in my current job in government and when I was an astronomer.

    In the astronomy department at university, lots of us did most of our work by themselves, or perhaps sometimes involving one or two other people. But we had half-hour morning and afternoon tea breaks every day which everybody was supposed to go to so that they could chat to each other about their work!


  3. I work in a team!
    there are 5 people in my team……and we are part of a bigger team – close to 50 people.
    Our building has ~100 people working of different types of food for health research!