Question: How did people discover that dogs and cats can only see black and white and a few colours?

  1. Hi keely1616

    This is a question that people wonder about all the time! Someone else has also asked a similar question earlier the week and I explained the experiment that people did with a dog, owned by a man called Pavlov. (not Pavlova…)

    Pavlov trained his dog to drool at the ring of a bell because the dog learned that every time the bell rang he got food. Well, they did the same experiment with different colours and then with different shades of the same colour.
    The dog was given food only when a specific shade of blue was shown. Once trained, it would not drool at red, yellow or green – so yes it could tell the colours apart.
    Then, they trained it with different shades of blue. Much more tricky and the dog took much longer to train but it could tell the difference between some shades… but not as many as we people can see.

    Cats? well, that’s a different thing alltogether – I’m not sure they can drool on demand. What do they say:

    Dogs have masters
    Cats have slaves


    (that one’s for Edward)



  1. Thanks a heap for that 🙂