Question: Is it true that an apple can keep you awake better then caffine in coffee?

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  1. Hi keely1616,

    Not if you’re snow white! Ha

    Seriously though, I think if you are really hungry and about to collapse then an apple will probably wake you up more – because your brain needs food to stay awake. BUT caffeine in coffee is pretty good at keeping you alert because it blocks chemicals in the brain that make you feel sleepy. It also makes the brain think that it should be ready for action so it gets your muscles ready for firing and in general makes you pumped and ready for ACTION!


  2. True, Kate, but your body can become “dependent” on caffeine (I think). So as your body “gets used to” the caffeine over the months that you drink coffee regularly, so your body also needs more and more caffeine to get the same waking-up effect.

    I have a friend who drank so much coffee in his last year of school that, by the end of the year, his hands were trembling like an old man’s!


  3. I think the answer is yes!
    while it is true what both Kate and Edward have said……caffine gives you a short hit.
    eating an apple gives you sugar, but also complex carbohydrates which, when digested by your body gives you a longer, more sustained energy that we keep you awake, alert for longer!



  1. haha thanks i just asked because i saw in those fact sheets that and i thought it didn’t sound quite right haha 🙂