Question: what's the best animal you have ever disected???

  1. A sheep!
    but that was when i was growing up…… dad did most of the cutting up, but i was fascinated by all the innards!!
    we used the meat for chops and roast..


  2. Hi jackok and awesome3

    That’s a hard one! when I was learning to be a vet at uni, we had to learn about anatomy of all sorts of animals; cats, dogs, horses, fish, birds, reptiles…

    I think the most interesting dissection I have done would have to be a post mortem. It’s a bit sad and gross I know… but sometimes a post mortem is the only way of finding out new things about diseases and why dogs (or people) die from diseases.

    I remember one poor dog in particular who died from a cancer in his spleen. He was pretty happy and healthy up until the end and when we removed the spleen (at post mortem) it weighed 12kg whereas the dog weighed 36. That’s 1/3 of his weight! It was amazing to see how long he remained healthy with that thing.