Question: Do you think your study will improve or help our environment?

  1. I’m not sure. Not yet anyway. Our work links with food and nutrition but does not look directly at the environment, but… the funny thing about science is that you often find out things that have an affect on a completely different field of work, even if you dont set out to do that.


  2. Hi chiler35,

    I think so. We are looking at how global warming is impacting on water security in south east Australia. If we can make water more secure for future generations, I think that would be a good result. In addition, we are attempting to make water available for environmental flows (like to water river redgum forests for example).

    Whether or not governments change policy as a result of our research is up to them. As a CSIRO scientist, I am not allowed to comment on government policy. It’s the way it is. That’s not true for other scientists though.


  3. Hi oliviak and chiler35,

    The field in which I originally worked (astrophysics) definitely won’t. But if the human race ever needed to move to a new planet because we’d completely *#!@-ed up Earth, then we’d need astronomers to find a suitable new home!

    On a less out-there note, one of the things I do for government now is to try to get industry to make things in more environmentally-friendly ways (saving water, creating less pollution, etc.) using new technologies.