Question: did you ever come close to finding a cure for cancer ?

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  1. Hi ameelia and 2011gem,

    I think in the future people will deal with cancer like they deal with hayfever – they will take tablets to control the problem. Finding a ‘cure’ is really hard. I think finding a way to stop it from killing people is more likely.

    There is so much we already know about cancer, but also lots we dont. Every cancer researcher looks at a little piece of the puzzle and when we put it all together we can make big discoveries.

    The research group I work with and lots of other people in our research institute have made some pretty amazing discoveries about cancer cells, and why normal cells turn cancerous. These discoveries have lead to better understanding of what might help people: what treatments might work, how to diagnose cancer better and how to prevent cancer.


  2. Curing cancer is a ginormous task!!
    Our group is looking at how best to reduce the risk of getting cancer…….as this will treat the cause not the symptom!
    Working out what can be done to change peoples diet and lifestyle to reduce the chance of getting cancer is a big focus here, particularly colorectal cancer.
    There is a lot of research trying to understand which treatments work best and how to detect the cancer early.