Question: were you really freakishly smart in school? and be honest

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  1. Hi foshyzzabel,

    Quite honestly, I was not really smart in school. I used to get OK marks, but I was lever at the top of my class or anything like that.

    To be a scientist you just need to have an interest in how things work and trying to understand how to make them work better.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to be really smart because I’m really lazy!


  2. Hi foshyzzabel and chiler35,

    Hmmm, how do you measure? just by the marks you got at school or the types of subjects? I was pretty crappy at study, and hated exams at school but I was lucky because I was able to choose subjects that suited me and that I was interested in so did ok. I pretty much worked as hard as I could so i could spend more time in the art room! 😉


  3. Hi foshyzzabel,

    Following on from David’s comment, you certainly need more than cleverness to be a scientist. That said, some areas of science (such as pure mathematics, if you count that as a science) DO require you to be pretty clever. And scientists “overall” are at least as smart as some of the other people usually considered “smart”, such as lawyers.

    As for whether I was ‘freakishly smart’ in school… I never thought I was ‘freakishly smart’, because I — like many other people, I would think — defined someone to be ‘freakishly smart’ only if they were smarter than I was. 😉



  1. thankyou for answering my question 🙂 p.s. i like your eyepatch. P-)