Question: why don't people grow old fashioned vegies like purple carrots anymore?

  1. Actually, if you go to farmers markets, you will find a lot of very strange looking fruit and vegetables. In particular, old fashioned types of tomatoes have recently been appearing a lot here in Canberra.

    However, most of food production is controlled by large supermarket chains, and they like their fruit and vegetables to be nice and standard, that’s why you don’t see them much.


  2. Moonta – purple carrots!? cool! i’ve never seen one.

    Check out this site – “History of Carrots”

    But I agree with Posty – most of the foods we eat and buy from the supermarket are there because they are what’s called “consumer driven” that means most people buy the orange ones, and dont want the purple ones. So for that reason, the supermarkets dont stock them. It does not sell well enough and they lose money.


  3. It’s also interesting how the people (or supermarkets) in different countries consider different vegetables to be old-fashioned.

    And I’m only talking about “Western” countries here. Australians tend to consider parsnips to be more old-fashioned than they do in Britain; in The Netherlands they consider pumpkin to be more old-fashioned than we do here.