David Post

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Me and my Work: I look at how climate change might impact water availability in the future.

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were you really freakishly smart in school? and be honest

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Nathan O'Callaghan

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Me and my Work: Understanding how foods make us healthy

Status: Congrats to Kate.....job well done and to the students (and teachers)!

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Kate Patterson

Photo: Kate

Me and my Work: We do cancer research and we are trying to work out why the genetics and ‘epi’genetics of cells goes wrong to form cancer.

Status: Yaay. Thanks for voting everyone! I've done some awesome learning from you all in the past 2 weeks - hope you've had fun too :)

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Edward Shin

Photo: Edward

Me and my Work: I work for the Victorian Government to help people develop “real, everyday uses” for scientific discoveries. BUT when I was an astronomer… (click ‘read more’ for PRETTY PICTURES!)

Status: I really enjoyed chatting to all you students (and other scientists). Students, keep asking 'why' and 'how': the scientific way of thinking is not just for scientists!

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Bev Muhlhausler

Photo: Bev

Me and my Work: I look at how being exposed to high fat or high sugar diets before birth or very early in infancy can change an individual’s risk of becoming obese later in life

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