Question: how do you measure a rats intelligents? HAVE you experimented on rats before .... wat have you found if u did

  1. Yes – we actually do use rats and mice in some of our work…..and we do measure their ability to think!
    There are lots of different ways to measure brain functioning…..the one we use in our work on Alzheimer’s Disease is called the Morris Water Maze. This is really a memory test. First we train the animal by putting it in to a container of milky water. the mouse can’t touch the bottom so has to swim. there is a platform in tank, when the mouse reaches the platform it can stand up and stop swimming. After a few go’s the mouse gets very good and heads straight to the platform. We can track and measure how long it takes for the mouse to reach the platform…..the faster they get there, the better their memory is (and the better their brain is functioning).